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Concept Design, Consulting, and Equipment Procurement

Since 1997, Global Energy Solutions, Inc. has evaluated over 300 energy-specific projects in 40 countries  to help project owners and developers meet their energy goals. Waste-to-energy, heat recovery, and alternative fuels for power generation are the primary focus areas of the firm.


We can assist with:

  • Site Evaluation & Facility Layout Options

  • Fuel Feedstock Analysis​

  • Equipment Component Reconfiguration 

  • Evaluation of potential off-take products

Site Evaluation

GES can help configure your system or equipment footprint to accommodate space limitations, maximize offtake, and minimize costs.


From fuel feed to combustion through power generation and air emissions control, GES can identify options for both greenfield and retrofit projects.


System optimization is driven by fuel feedstock(s), moisture content, processing requirements, contaminants, and conveyance. Let GES assist with this evaluation.


Whether your project generates power, sells recyclables, or recaptures heat, the GES team has decades of best practice experience to assist.


JAN, 2023 

An exclusive Owner's Representation agreement has enabled Global Energy Solutions, Inc. to launch pre-development activity for an Illinois solar project in collaboration with  Silversmith Solutions LLC. The project will be constructed on the property of an existing coal mining site.

Once developed by Verde Solutions, the project will add critical solar capacity to the region and will utilize vacant property at the mine site for renewable energy purposes.

DEC 2022

Global Energy Solutions, Inc. is retained to evaluate installation of an electrode boiler near a hydro power facility in Addis Ababa, Ethopia.

SEP 2021

Global Energy Solutions, Inc. is retained to evaluate the feasibility of adding a natural gas burner to an existing solid fuel boiler system by Honeywell for a military installation.

JUL 2020

Global Energy Solutions, Inc. is selected to perform a waste-to-energy feasibility study for a multi-fuel stream facility under development in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The grant-funded study is monitored by the United States Trade and Development Agency.

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