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Recent Projects
  • Owner's representation for solar project development in the Midwest

  • Concept design for boiler heat recovery (multiple international)

  • Feasibility study for a multi-fuel waste-to-energy facility in the Dominican Republic

  • Viability study for the addition of a gas-fired burner to an existing biomass boiler in Texas

  • Pre-engineering for waste-to-energy plant to be constructed in Roraima, Brazil

  • Program management for a 300 HP natural gas & biogas steam boiler

  • Program management and Procurement for a replacement exhaust/fresh air filtration units 

  • Concept Design for Waste Biomass-Fired CHP Plant with Sorted MSW-to-BioFuel Facility

  • Procurement of Biomass fired boiler with 6.5 thermal output

  • Concept Design and Procurement of 6 MW Electric + 6MW thermal for pellet mill

  • Concept Design and Procurement 27 BoHP Hot Water Biomass Boiler & underfeed stoker

  • Concept Design and Procurement 600 BoHP Biomass Boiler

  • Concept Design and Procurement Hybrid 600 boiler, baghouse, filled-tube waste heat recovery economizer heat exchanger and recycling of effluent

  • Concept Design and Procurement 150 BoHP Wood-fired LP Boiler with walking floor fuel feed system

  • Concept Design 1500 HP Boiler substoichiometric combination fuel gasifier

  • 150 BoHP Wood Fired LP Boiler and walking floor fuel feed system

  • Procurement of Hybrid 300 BoHP Biomass Boilers

  • Procurement of Two 1300 BoHP hybrid high-pressure wet wood waste fuel boilers


GES views a landfill in El Salvador for potential waste diversion for processing into fuel feedstock.

Technical Visit crop.jpg

Project owners and members of the US Trade & Development Agency meet with the GES technical team in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Case Study — Waste-to-Energy
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